Collins New Naturalist Library - Loch Lomondside

Collins New Naturalist Library - Loch Lomondside

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Another volume in the popular New Naturalist series, this book is a comprehensive account of the history and natural history of this internationally famous area, which is soon to become one of the first National Parks in Scotland.

For centuries, Loch Lomondside has been celebrated for its outstanding scenery. The area supports a rich tapestry of water and wild land, forest and woodland, farmland and settlement. It includes architectural and archaeological features of considerable importance, and has been celebrated by many great writers including Walter Scott, John Ruskin and William Wordsworth.

Loch Lomondside is the most popular countryside destination in Scotland, attracting more than 2 million visitors each year. Over 70 percent of the population of Scotland are less than 1 hour’s travelling time from the area.

This book covers the history of the Loch and its people, forestry, agriculture and fisheries, the natural history, recreational activities, and conservation, past, present and future. It complements other regional volumes in the New Naturalist series which include the Hebrides, Orkney and the Shetland Islands.

John Mitchell